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regional feature

(1) the regional

Looking from the world scope, well using submersible pump manufacturers mainly concentrated in thedeveloped countries in Europe and America, India, Turkey and a few Chinese developing countries. At present domestic submersible pump for well production enterprises the main origin in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong,among which the Zhejiang province Wenling city industry is most concentrated, volume of China well diving pump about six into the left and right sides from Wenling city.

(2) periodic

Well with submersible pump production and sales will be affected by the overall national economy level and disposable income of residents change. But because the wells with submersible pumps to meet the major is one of the most basic production and living needs, the demand is relatively rigid, therefore does not have obvious periodicity.

(3) seasonal

Well with submersible pump is widely used in production and living water, agriculture irrigation and drainage in areas such as factories, mines, does not have the obvious seasonal.

From the customer distribution point of view, by the world climate conditions, geographical environment andsurface water pollution degree of influence, the relative concentration of well submersible pumps for users in the drought, water shortage and surface water pollution area, has a regional feature.


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