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Fasteners inspection and evaluation method

Recently heard the good news, "methods of research" through the acceptance of the expert group to assess the fastener hydrogen embrittlement detection, which is the national standard parts product quality supervision and Inspection Center (hereinafter referred to as the "center") of the province of quality supervision system of scientific research project undertaken.

Hydrogen embrittlement is fastener products one of the most common failure modes, the failure is due to the sudden, and detected higher difficulties, has become a threat to hydrogen embrittlement of high strength fasteners and reliable service of the great hidden danger. The project method of stress corrosion and slow strain rate tension based on hydrogen embrittlement, combined with the critical value, the fatigue life of the elongation, and other parameters, formulated the "rapid assessment methods" and "evaluation of hydrogen embrittlement risk assessment slow strain rate tensile test method for hydrogen embrittlement risk two newmethods", in order to ensure the quality of high strength fasteners, to guard against hydrogen embrittlementcaused by fasteners safety accident and provide the technical support, and can significantly shorten the detection time, improve the detection efficiency. The successful acceptance of this project provides a new approach for fasteners hydrogen embrittlement detection.

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