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The new requirements of the economic development

Modern manufacturing industry competition increasingly fierce, the enterprise in a short period of time to produce high quality product batch is very necessary. Improve the mold quality, is the key of manufacturing industry leap. Let die in high precision, low cost, high efficiency conditions, longer, more die production ofselected parts quality qualified and die materials, both to meet customer requirements on product quality, alsoneed to consider the cost of materials and the set period of strength, of course, also according to the type of mold use, work mode, processing speed, the main failure forms and other factors to select material.

In the design must be reduced in the range of a spare parts required to repair disassembly and assembly,especially the replacement of wearing parts, as far as possible to reduce the scope of disassembly. The manufacturing process is to ensure that the quality of die mould is important one annulus, machining method and machining precision mold manufacturing process can also affect the service life of the die. The components of the precision directly affects the whole assembly mould, eliminating the effect the precision ofequipment, you need through the processing method for improving the parts, improve the technical level offitter grinding with in the process of mould, to improve the machining precision mold parts; if the whole mouldassembly effect is not up to the requirements, will be in the test die let die increase action probability in thenormal state, has a great influence on the overall quality will die.

The main components of the mold forming surface strengthening, in order to improve the surface wear resistance of mold parts, so as to better improve the mold quality. For surface strengthening, according to thedifferent uses of the mold, the selection of different strengthening methods. Proper use and maintenance of dieis also a big factor, improve the mold quality. Quality is the life of the brand, quality of mould, will directly affect the product quality, yield, cost, production of new products and the old products update cycle, the enterprise product structure adjustment and market competition of speed, therefore put forward higher and higher requirements of economic situation on the quality of mold. Both the designers and manufacturers, mold or moldparts of the designers, users should be actively concerned about the problem.


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